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Support Worker Training

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Horizon Health Network

Miramichi Senior Citizen Home

Mount St. Joseph Nursing Home

Personal Support Worker Level I

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Module One:  The Role Of The Support Worker 
  Chapter 1 What is Personal Support     
  Chapter 2 Work Settings     
  Chapter 3 Ethics and Personal Care     
  Chapter 4 You, The Support Worker      
  Chapter 5 The Support Team and Its Members 
Module Two:  The Client
  Chapter 6
 The Client     
  Chapter 7 The Client Worker Relationship     
Module Three:
Fundamental Skills
  Chapter 8
 Basic Communication Skills     
  Chapter 9 Adaptive and Augmentative Communication      
  Chapter 10 Setting Priorities and Working Effectively   
  Chapter 11 Contributing to the Client's Support Plan     
  Chapter 12 Safety       
Module Four: Assisting with Routine Activities        
  Chapter 13
 Fundamental Terms and Concepts in personal Support    
  Chapter 14 Working in the Client's Home     
  Chapter 15 Meal Planning, Preparation, and Assistance     
  Chapter 16 Understanding the Elements of the Body      
  Chapter 17 Mobility     
  Chapter 18 Providing Physical Care      
  Chapter 19 Common Impairments      
  Chapter 20 Infant and Child Care      
Module Five:
 Assisting in Special Situations        
  Chapter 21
 Mental Health     
  Chapter 22 Cognition and Cognitive Impairment      
  Chapter 23 Abuse     
  Chapter 24 
Palliative Care     
  Chapter 25 Assisting with Medications     
Module Six: 
Gaining Employment
  Chapter 26
 Preparing for Work      
  Chapter 27 Presenting Yourself to an Employer     
Evening Classes:  
   Classroom time is 200 hours              
   Job Shadowing is 40 hours       
   Total Hours in the classroom (4 hours per class) two evenings or afternoons a week.       
   Total hours to complete the course 240

Personal Support Worker Level II

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Mosby's Canadian Textbook for the Support Worker Course Outline:

Chapter 1   The Role of the Support Worker 
Chapter 2   The Canadian Health Care System 
Chapter 3   Work Place Setting 
Chapter 4   Health, Wellness, Illness, and Disability
Chapter 5   Teamwork, Supervision & Delegation 
Chapter 6   Working with Client and Their Families
Chapter 7   Medical Terminology
Chapter 8   Client Care: Planning, Processes, Reporting and Recording 
Chapter 9   Managing Stress, Time, and Problems 
Chapter 10 Ethics 
Chapter 11 Legislation: The Clients Right's and Your Rights
Chapter 12 Caring about Culture & Diversity
Chapter 13 Interpersonal Communications 
Chapter 14 Body Structure and Function 
Chapter 15 Growth and Development 
Chapter 16 Caring for the young
Chapter 17 Caring For The Older Adults 
Chapter 18 Common Diseases and Conditions 
Chapter 19 Safety
Chapter 20 Preventing Infection 
Chapter 21 Abuse 
Chapter 22 Promoting Clients Wellbeing 
Chapter 23 Body Mechanics: Moving, Positioning, and Transferring The Client 
Chapter 24 Exercises and Activity 
Chapter 25 Home Management 
Chapter 26 Beds and Bed Making 
Chapter 27 Basic Nutrition and Fluids 
Chapter 29 Personal Hygiene 
Chapter 30 Grooming and Dressing 
Chapter 31 Urinary Elimination 
Chapter 32 Fecal Elimination 
Chapter 33 Rehabilitation and Restorative Care 
Chapter 34 Mental Health Disorders 
Chapter 35 Confusion, Delirium and Dementia 
Chapter 36 Speech and Language Disorders 
Chapter 37 Hearing and Vision Problems
Chapter 39 Developmental Disabilities
Chapter 40 Assisting with Medications
Chapter 41 Measuring Height, Weight, And Vital Signs 
Chapter 42 Wound Care
Chapter 43 Heat and Cold Applications 
Chapter 44 Oxygen Needs 
Chapter 46 The person having surgery
Chapter 47 Caring for the client who is dying 
Chapter 48 Your Job Search

Classroom days are based on 4 hours per. day 8:30am - 12:30pm
Clinical days are based on 7 hours per. day 7:30am - 3:30pm and 12 hour shifts. 
Course consist of 19 weeks theory and 8 weeks of clinical

Please Note:
Workshops are completed regularly to implement what student has learned.
Workshops on a regular basis, learning abbreviations in medical terminology.

Student Admission for Personal Support Worker Level II Program Package includes:
Mosby text/workbook
Name tag

Miramichi Health Training Centre
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